Everyone has friendship stories; stories that define what makes each friendship so special or what makes a group of friends so fun to be around. I want to share some story about my friendship in school. One day, I and my friend were talking in class. which is important or not, we talk about anything. And then an accident occurs when I check a text from my tab. accidentally, my friend, indika knocked my tab until it fall to the ground and the LCD was broken. I was panic because I don't have much money to fix it and my mother would be very angry if she knows it. then lot of my friend come to help me. specially Azmy,  Razi,  Reivan, Timo, and Indika. they took me to the service center and lend me some money. I'm very grateful for that help. It is just one of the many stories I've been through with my friends.

I want to say thanks to all my friends in X MIPA 10, who always listen to all my problems and give me advice, who always put a smile on my face no matter how mad or sad I might be, who always there when I need you

My Holiday

Image result for zach lavine dunk nbaOn 23 December 2016, I got my first semester report at SMAN 3 Bandung. Even though my grades is not really good but I'm glad I did not get sp and kontru, because if I get an sp, I wouldn't have a vacation and I have to go to school for study. I'm grateful can enjoy my holiday. during the week, I practiced basketball with my friends in kodam, across from SMAN 3 Bandung. We practice ball handling, lay up, shooting, passing, and vertical jump. 

When the new years came I just celebrated it alone at my room because i didn't have a plan to celebrate it with my friends. I could only hear the sound of fireworks inside the house, and it was very sad.

On the other days, I worked out with my brother, cooked some food with my mom, and played golf with my father. My other activities at home is always woke up late, i didn't take a bath, and just lie in bed all day. it's boring isn't it?:(


The Wisdom of the Eagle and the Treachery of the Hyena

By Frans Timmermans

Once upon a time a hyena was out foraging in the bush. It was a fine sunny day. But as he was sniffing around, he fell into a hidden trap set by a hunter. He found himself at the bottom of a hole, with the trap catch closed over him. He tried to push it open but it just would not budge. It was rather well made.
So he started shouting: “Help! Help! Somebody get me out of here please. A lion passed by, looked to see who was in the trap. When he saw it was hyena, he just moved on. Help me, let me out of here, please!”, hyena shouted, but the lion closed his ears. You should know that most animals did not like hyena very much. He was very sly and always stealing food belonging to other animals and then laughing at them behind their backs. So it was no surprise the lion moved on.
So the day passed, but every time an animal passed by the trap, however much hyena begged and promised to be nice to them in future, none stopped to help him. At last monkey came by. “Help me please, monkey, get me out of this trap. I’ve been here all day and the hunter will be back soon and he will surely kill me! Help me please!”
“Well now”, monkey said, “That’s all very well. I would help you, but as soon as I pull you out of there, you will only kill me.” Hyena protested, “Monkey, I promise I will be good, I will not touch a hair on your head. If you let me out I will go straight home. I promise!” Now this monkey was very kind, so he agreed to help hyena. He removed the trap and threw down a branch so hyena could pull himself out of the trap. But then as soon as he was out, hyena realized he’s been in this trap all day long and had not eaten anything, at all! So, instead of going home, as he had promised, hyena attacked the kind monkey.
Just then an eagle was flying over the bush, and saw the hyena attacking monkey. So he swooped down, landed on the hyena’s back, and with his powerful claws pulled the animal of poor monkey, who was screeching in pain. After he’d separated the two, hyena wanted to know what was going on. Monkey explained what had happened: that he had helped hyena escape from the trap because he had promised not to attack him!
Eagle said: “In order for me to understand exactly how this happened, I would like you to show me exactly what you two were doing. So, Mr. Hyena, you get back into the trap, and then we will start again.” Hyena realized he did not have much choice but to do as he was told, so he jumped back into the trap. Eagle the covered it again with the trap, and made sure it was secure. “Now, Mr. Hyena”, said eagle, “you can stay there and die, for all I care. You don’t deserve the kindness of other animals if you cannot keep a simple promise”. With that, he advised the monkey to go home to his family, and he himself flew off to continue his journey, leaving the hyena to his fate.
The question:
1.      The meaning of the bold word is
A.    Searching
B.     Haunting something
C.     Defecate
D.    Singing
E.     Look for something to eat
2.      Why the hyena asked for help?
A.    Because his leg hurts
B.     Because he can’t found any food
C.     Because there was a hunter
D.    Because he fell into a hidden trap set by a hunter
E.     Because he was attacked
3.      The underline refers to, except :
A.    Cunning
B.     Crafty
C.     Shifty
D.    Cheat
E.     Witty
4.      Why that most animals did not like hyena very much?
A.    He break his promise
B.     He is greedy
C.     He was always stealing food belonging to other animals and laughing at them behind their backs
D.    Because he is hyena
E.     He’s sly
5.      These are the right fact in the following text, except
A.    Hyena fell into a hidden trap set by a hunter
B.     Hyena has been in this trap all day long and had eaten anything
C.     Every time an animal passed by the trap except monkey
D.    the hyena attacked the monkey
E.     the hyena break his promise


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2 weeks ago I didn't go to school because I had a fever. So I missed the video conference :(. When I woke up in the morning, I felt very dizzy and my temperature body was hot, so my mom took me to the doctor. I went straight to doctor, he is a nice doctor. “What’s the matter with you?” he asked. “I think I have a fever.”. Then he opened my mouth and looked at my tongue, and he listened to my heart. He said that I have to take a rest and eat the medicine. After that i say thank you and then I went to home and sleep all day long.


If I had a chance to go somewhere in this world, the place I would love to visit is Rome, Italy. Rome is the largest city in Italy with many beautiful ancient buildings such as Campus Martius, Coliseum, Baths of Caracalla and many more.

Baths of Caracalla
Campus Martius
The place I most want to visit in Rome is the Coliseum. The Coliseum is the largest and most famous building in Rome making it the tourist attractions in Rome, Italy's most popular and crowded. To be able to see the remnants of this incredible building would be amazing right? The Coliseum was the place where the people of Rome held many events ranging from animal shows to gladiator fight.
I also want to taste the culinary in Rome, such as Chicken Parmigiana, It is a classic Italian dish; the meal consisted of crispy fried chicken combined with spaghetti and cheese. And also Fettuccine Alfredo, lasagna and gelato 
Chicken Parmigiana

My Life in 5 Junior High School
I've had many unforgettable moment in my life such as surprised in my birthday, vocation with my family and lose in jrbl competition, but the one that I've always remember is my life in 5 junior high school.

I've always loved going to school as we get to meet our friends and learn from our teachers. The day started as usual I woke up, got ready and went to school. At school I met my friends and we gather around for the daily activity at school. The lessons are not really hard if you study well i think. When the teacher are supposed to teach in my class but they can't because another business, I used to play guitar and sing together with my friends or even study without teacher.

5 Junior High School have many garden. The name of the park in front of my IX class is Kartini Garden. We used to play a game called bebentengan. Bebentengan is a Sundanese traditional game, where we have to touch the opponent fort. I often play that game with my entire classmate. I miss them. Every day after school, I often play basketball or hangout with my friend in terbi while i was waiting for private lesson. Terbi is located beside the basketball court, it is the most comfortable place 5 JHS i think. Many students stay in that place only for share their story, do their assignment or just sitting there and watch peoples play basketball. During the graduation ceremony, I and my band featured several songs. I'm a little bit sad at that time because it was the last event for me to featured songs with my band.

It’s all just a small part of all the experience I have gained in 5 junior high school. I miss my old school very much, the memory and everything about it.

The Eruption of Krakatoa

 The eruption of Krakatoa in August 1883 was one of the most deadly volcanic eruptions of modern history. It is estimated that more than 36,000 people died. Many died as a result of thermal injury from the blasts and many more were victims of the tsunamis that followed the collapse of the volcano .The island of Krakatau (Krakatoa) is in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra. It is part of the Indonesian Island.

The eruption had devastating effects on the islands near Krakatoa.
it causes a massive tsunami that devastated hundreds of villages on the coast of Java and Sumatra. Water pushed inland several miles in certain places, with coral blocks ending up on shore. At least 35,000 people died, though exact numbers were impossible to determine. The tsunamis traveled nearly around the world–unusually high waves were noticed thousands of miles away the next day.

The volcano threw so much rock, ash and pumice into the atmosphere that, in the immediate area, the sun was virtually blocked out for a couple of days. Within a couple of weeks, the sun appeared in strange colors to people all over the world because of all the fine dust in the stratosphere. Over the ensuing three months, the debris high in the sky produced vivid red sunsets. The amount of dust in the atmosphere also filtered enough sun and heat that global temperatures fell significantly for a couple of years.

Krakatoa was left only a tiny fraction of its former self. However, in the intervening years, a small island, Anak Krakatoa (“Son of Krakatoa”) has arisen from the sea. It is growing at an average of five inches every week. This island is receiving a great deal of scientific attention, as it represents a chance to see how island ecosystems are established from scratch